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Best practices for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

  • March 31, 2019
  • 4 min read

Emsisoft Cloud Console is designed to provide best possible efficiency when managing larger amounts of Emsisoft customers remotely.

This document complements the general Emsisoft Cloud Console User Guide and describes best practice concepts for managed service providers.

MSP specific functionality:

Set up a workspace for a new customer

As a registered Emsisoft Partner, you will have additional options that help you save time when creating and maintaining a customer workspace.

The most time efficient way to prepare a new workspace:


Steps to prepare a workspace:

  1. Go to the Workspaces panel and click ‘Create workspace‘.
  2. Enter a workspace name that describes your customer, e.g. ‘Contoso Corp’.
  3. Select one of your unused pre-purchased licenses in the list below and click ‘Create’ (or make no selection to use the free trial).
  4. Go to the Protection Policies panel of your newly created workspace, select the workspace root group on the left and select your policy template on the right (optional).
  5. Go to the workspace overview panel and click ‘Add device‘ to install and connect new devices to the workspace. Select ‘Download’ if you have access to the device to perform the installation by yourself, or ‘Send the installation instructions by email’ to let your customer do the installation. Once installed, devices will immediately show up on the list of devices within the workspace.
    Note: Your customer doesn’t need a license key or user account to install and activate the software, when using the custom installer as provided by the download or email options.
  6. Go to the workspace Settings panel and invite your customer by their email to assign a role and access level as required. We recommend that you always transfer the ‘Primary workspace owner’ role to your customers unless you have an agreement with the customer that you manage the workspace on their behalf.
    Note: As an Emsisoft partner, you will automatically be assigned the ‘Billing contact’ role for the workspace if the license is managed by your partner account. Renewal notifications are being sent to you instead of the customer.

Policy templates for use in multiple workspaces

If you manage a larger number of workspaces we recommend creating policy templates to avoid that you have to manually edit the policies for each customer manually.

To manage your templates, click your username on the right top of the screen and select ‘My Policy Templates‘. Click ‘Add’ and enter a name to set up a new template.

Policy templates are stored in your user profile, but you can choose whether you want to keep a template private or share it with other administrators that have access to the same workspaces that you manage.

Just like in a workspace’s policy panel, you can arrange your templates in hierarchies with inheritance support. We recommend creating one root template with the basic settings that never change (such as placing your partner contact details in Emsisoft Anti-Malware’s user interface), and then having sub-templates for groups of similar users/departments (e.g. enabling silent mode for teams that can’t be distracted by alerts).

To apply a template, please switch to the customer’s ‘Workspace Settings’ panel, select either the root policy level or a specific group and assign the template via the top most option on the right. We recommend doing that right away when creating new workspaces.

Software customization with Customer Care settings

MSPs and other Emsisoft partners who require modifications of the software user interface for their customers can use the following protection policy settings:

Navigate to the ‘Protection Policies’ in your customer’s workspace (or your policy templates) and then select a specific device group. Scroll down to the section ‘CUSTOMER CARE’. There you can change the following:


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