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How do I use SMS commands in Emsisoft Mobile Security?

  • July 19, 2015
  • 2 min read

To use SMS commands you need to know the phone number you nominated as trusted number during the setup of SMS commands and the one of your own device as well.

The SMS control module allows you to send commands to your phone via SMS as well as to be notified via the trusted number you defined during the setup process when the SIM card is changed.

You can open Emsisoft Mobile Security on your device, navigate to "Anti Theft" -> "SMS CONTROL" and expand the "SMS Commands" section there to see all SMS commands listed.

A command needs to have the following format:
bd-[PIN] [command]

Where "PIN" is the already configured pin for Emsisoft Mobile Security you've chosen during setup and "command" is the requested command.

The following commands are possible:

For example, for a list of the available commands and to get further help you can use the command HELP like that:

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