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How do I reduce download traffic for online updates?

  • March 3, 2016
  • 1 min read

As there is a high number of new online threats being detected every day (300,000-400,000 per day in 2016), our software naturally requires frequent online updates to ensure best protection. By default, Emsisoft Anti-Malware checks for new updates once every hour.

The Emsisoft update system implements a number of mechanisms to reduce the required download traffic to a minimum:

Update compression

All files are transferred in a compressed state from the Emsisoft update server infrastructure.

Differential updates

Instead of downloading all modified files in full, our software only transfers the differences to the previous file versions. Emsisoft provides differential updates for the last 30 versions of each software component.

As some of the signature and malware-host database files are frequently refreshed (up to every hour), the total interval of available differential updates may be as short as about 24 hours for specific files. That implies that when you turn off automatic updates or set a longer update interval, you may miss the opportunity to get significantly smaller differential updates. Your software then downloads the full files.

The total required download traffic for online updates is typically less than 10 MB per day, except when a new software version is being released. Though, if you miss to run online updates for more than a week, the total required data-traffic will likely exceed 200 MB.

Make sure you keep online updates enabled all the time and set the interval no longer than 1 hour, to ensure best protection and lowest total amount of traffic.

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