Remote Support: How do I use ISL?

  • April 2, 2018
  • 1 min read

Before starting, please close any software you have running other than your web browser, to speed up the process. The support helper will be able to see everything on your screen during the session. We will likely close your web browser when we connect.

Please click the link provided by the support helper to download and run the ISL remote software. On start, it will ask you for permission to run (UAC prompt); please click OK. It will then ask for administrative permission for us to do my work; again please click Yes, or we won't be able to get much done! If you see SmartScreen or Emsisoft warnings, please let the helper know right away.

Once the ISL program is running, please do not close it. It may take a few minutes for us to start working, so please be patient. It should automatically connect and show us your desktop, however.

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