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How to handle detected threats

  • March 28, 2018
  • 2 min read

When a scan has finished, the diagnosis list displays any detected objects sorted according to their potential risk level (high risk, medium risk or no risk). Each Malware name gives information about the nature of the infection via its name prefix. Clicking on the hyperlink for a diagnosis name opens your browser to the Emsisoft Malware Library where you can read a detailed description of these prefixes. The extensions “A” and “B” identify the scan engine that detected the file.

Right-click in the diagnosis list to open a context menu providing the following actions:

The buttons Quarantine selected and Delete selected allow for management of any detected objects. We recommend always selecting Quarantine selected because this is the only way of being able to recover any files that were removed due to false alerts (so-called false positives).

The New scan button takes you back to the main Scan section where you can again choose a scan type and begin a new scan.

The View report button opens a log file showing detailed information about the scan. Scan reports can also be accessed later from the Logs section of the program.

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