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User Guides


Get started with your installation.


Want to go beyond the default configuration? Check out our detailed rundown of all the major settings.

Getting Started

Walking you through your first few moments of using the software.

Handling alerts

What to do when the software alerts you of a threat to your PC.

Malware Scans

Learn how the scanner works and how you can configure it to meet your unique needs.


Use the online portal to keep track of your licenses and manage your account settings.


Find out how you can use Logs to keep track of all the important software-related events.

Emsisoft Enterprise Console

An efficient way for administrators to manage security for larger companies.

Protection and Alert Settings

Get the most out of the major protection modules that make up our software.

Frequently Asked Questions

False Alerts

How to deal with wrongly detected files.

Installing & Uninstalling

Best practice advise for installing and removing Emsisoft products properly.

Contacting Emsisoft

Different methods for contacting Emsisoft for help, information, or just about any other reason.